At Pieve Interiors we offer an extensive range of appliances to suit your budget and requirements. Whether you are looking for simple practicality or high-end aesthetics, we have the right product for you. With partnerships with both Siemens and Hotpoint we have access to the best products on the market. We also supply tope kitchen brands Neff, Bosch and Miele on request.


Offering a range of fully coordinated appliances, good looking on their own and fabulous together, Siemens appliances combine innovative technology with energy efficiency and sleek, stylish design. Their range of award-winning dishwashers featuring the world’s first and only Zeolith® drying system; a technological innovation that sets new standards for performance and energy

Take a look at their stunning fridge freezers with food preservation technology, outstanding freezers that never have to be defrosted and ovens that coordinate with microwaves, hoods, hobs and coffee machines, working together to create a spectacular kitchen for your home.

Stunning designs that your friends will envy, clean lines that are going to coordinate with the rest of your living space and high quality materials come as standard with all Siemens appliances.

Offering you the perfect balance between modern design and innovative technology, appliances sit seamlessly together.

IQ300 – IQ300 appliances are Siemens entry level product, which still offers Siemens build quality and looks with an attractive selection of smart features.

IQ500 – The IQ500 range exudes class and refinement, these machines unite first class features with top class technology
IQ700 – the IQ700 is exceptional design allied with seriously innovative technology is the basis of these, or premium models

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At Hotpoint it’s always been their mission to bring stylish, intelligent appliances into your home. With a history of trusted innovation, they have real insight into the demands of modern life. So they not only look great in your kitchen, but also make life easier by delivering outstanding results.

Total care for your clothes, the ideal atmosphere for your food the best ways to maximise creativity in the kitchen. Thanks to their expertise and continuous research and development, they offer intelligent and quality appliances which guarantee excellent results in order to exceed your expectations.

Their deep understanding of people’??s needs make them unique. This allows them to create innovation that changes the way you interact with appliances and to provide a superior level of performance. Intelligence also means new technologies aimed at reducing consumption. Hotpoint’s appliance innovation allows you to save precious resources and not waste energy.

Hotpoint design every appliance to make life easier. They’re constantly improving the way they work through cutting edge technology, innovative ergonomics and efficient features. Their latest collection is designed to make a statement in your home, whilst delivering outstanding performance.

Luce by Hotpoint

The Luce collection of high specification kitchen appliances is everything you’d expect from Italian design: inspirational, minimalist, elegant and sleek.

But with performance that matches up to its great looks – Luce is about far more than style. Each appliance comes with a host of innovative features – such as patented High Definition cooking, Flexipower dishwashing technology and laundry Eco Cycles – all ensuring Luce delivers outstanding performance using the minimum energy possible. Discover Luce.