The selection of your worktops can be one of the most important and difficult decisions to make in your kitchen, it can effect the mood and practicality of the area, this is why we are here to help.

With so many options it helps to be able to come and have a look at your choices, the practicality of sileston, the warmth of wood and the natural beauty of granite and marble. All work sufaces have their pros and cons, but it’s about weighing these in your home, to get the right fit for you.

Do you need an indestructible work surface? Yes, then Dekton is the answer, you can cut on it, put hot pots on it and it has a sleek minimalist look to complement your new kitchen. Would you prefer something warmer? Then wood is the answer, wood has a natural warmth and feel that stone and composite tops are lacking, it has character and depth, making a kitchen a gathering point rather that a cooking area. Marble and Granite are great for that elegant traditional look that never goes out of fashion, and Corian is fantastic for when you think it cant be done, with its ability to be moulded cut and jointed like no other, you will be amazed at your options.

There are worktops for every choice and it is all personal to you, but we are here to give advice and help you to get the worktops that best suits your needs and wants. So stop by our showroom to have a look and see what we can offer.