At Pieve Interiors we have a tried and tested system to help you achieve your dream project.

Stage 1 – Pre Design

This is the getting to know you part of the process, without this we cannot hope to deliver your project aims and objectives. One of our designers will spend some time with you going through ideas and thoughts to get a clear focus on what we are going to achieve. We will discuss your needs and wants, how the space will be utilised and the practicalities needed to make the space functional. We encourage you to chat openly with us, as we are here to make your ideas come to life.

If needed we can arrange a home visit at your request to take exact dimensions and discuss potential options we could offer you in respect of the space you are looking to update. We may even suggest something you haven’t considered before.

Stage 2 – Design

This is where things get interesting. In the time following your initial consultation, we will put together a full 3D presentation for you, incorporating all of the details we have discussed, and showing you how we can collate your ideas and bring your project to life. We will invite you into our showroom to discuss the designs provided and we can then focus further on your exact specifications. We have options to suit most budgets and we are confident we can support you with your project. If you are happy at this stage we will ask you to commission your project and we will get Stage 3 booked in.

Stage 3 – Site Check

At this stage, one of our highly skilled and experienced contract managers will visit your home to discuss all the finer points of your installation. We will confirm all finishes, electrical and plumbing installations, check all sizes and any potential issues to work around. The delivery date and the installation start and duration, will also be agreed with yourselves. We will remain in contact with you at all times, giving frequent updates and communicating throughout your project. All of this ensures that disruption for you is kept to a minimum and also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have prior to installation.

Stage 4 – Installation

All our tradesmen are highly skilled professionals, who will with treat your home with the upmost care and consideration, we take great pride in managing the finer details of your project and your can be confident that all finishings will be completed to the highest possible standard. The installation will follow the program set out on the previous site visit and dependant on finishes, may require outside contractors. All of these contractors are carefully managed and selected by us and we are solely responsible for any work they are commissioned to undertake in your home.

Stage 5 – Completion

Once installation is complete and checked off you will be taken through a completion handover with your contract manager. This ensures you are happy with your project and that there are no outstanding issues. This signifies the start of your full guarantee and we will issue your aftercare pack with all your warranties and details for your various products. We will also check in periodically to ensure you are still enjoying the new update to your home

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